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*                              CALL FOR PAPERS                              *
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*                               P A D S ' 9 8                               *
*                                                                           *
*           12th Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Simulation            *
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*                          Banff, Alberta, Canada                           *
*                             May 26-29, 1998                               *
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*                             Sponsored by:                                 *
*             ACM Special Interest Group on Simulation (SIGSIM)*            *
*   IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Simulation (IEEE-TCSIM)*   *
*                  Society for Computer Simulation (SCS)*                   *
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 PADS  provides a forum  for  presenting  recent  results in  parallel and 
 distributed simulation.  The scope of the conference includes, but is not
 limited to:


      o Algorithms  and methods  for  parallel  simulation
          (E.g.  synchronization,  scheduling,  memory management, load 
          balancing, partitioning and allocation) 
      o Models of parallel simulation
          (E.g. stochastic, markovian, process algebraic, temporal logic) 
      o Methodologies  for parallel  simulation
          (E.g.  system modeling for parallel simulation, specification, 
          adapting  sequential  methodologies,  parallelizing  existing 
          simulations, new methodologies for parallel simulation)
      o Implementation  Issues
          (E.g.  general-purpose  parallel  simulators,    application-
          specific parallel simulators,  relationship to the underlying
          architecture, languages for parallel simulation)
      o Performance of parallel simulation
          (E.g.  theoretical  studies,  empirical studies,  benchmarks, 
          comparative studies)
      o Application of parallel simulation
          (E.g.  simulation of  computer architectures,  VLSI circuits,
          personal communication  systems,  telecommunication networks)
      o Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS)
          (E.g. event synchronization in distributed multi-user virtual
          reality environments)
      o Distributed Simulation on the WWW
          (E.g., ``world wide simulation'', using CGI, JAVA, VRML, 
		CORBA, etc.\ to build distributed simulators)


KEY DATES (extended over 1st call for papers!)

 October    6, 1997     Hard copy submission (exception)
 October   10, 1997     Electronic submission
 December  22, 1997     Notification of Acceptance/Rejection 
 February  15, 1998     Camera ready hard copy



 Papers shall be written in English and should not exceed 5000 words. Papers 
 must be unpublished  and  must not be submitted for publication  elsewhere.  

 Authors  are  encouraged  to  submit their  papers  in  ELECTRONIC  form to


 (postscript  only),  DEADLINE  October 10, 1997.  Guidelines for electronic
 submission are   available on the   World-Wide Web at the URL given  below.    

 Papers  may  also be submitted in  HARDCOPY  form to  the program chair, in
 which case  six  copies  are  required,   DEADLINE   October 6, 1997.  Each
 submission  must  be  accompanied  by  the  following  information: a short
 abstract, a complete list of the authors and  their affiliations, a contact
 person for correspondence,  postal and  E-mail addresses.  To ensure  blind
 reviewing, authors' names and affiliations should not appear  in the  paper
 and  bibliographic references should be modified  so  as not to  reveal the
 identities of the authors.

 For PADS'98,  in conjunction with paper proceedings,  electronic publishing
 in html format on the PADS'98 home page is planned.

 All submissions will  be reviewed  using a double-blind review process  ---
 the identity  of authors  and referees will not  be revealed to each other.
 Papers may be accepted for inclusion in a poster session.  Papers judged to 
 be of exceptional quality  may be considered for  publication  in a special 
 issue of an archival journal.



       Brian W. Unger
       Department of Computer Science
       University of Calgary
       2500 University Drive N.W.
       Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4, Canada
       voice: 403 220 6316


       Alois Ferscha
       Institut fuer Angewandte Informatik
       Universitaet Wien
       Lengaugasse 2/8
       A-1080 Vienna, Austria
       voice: (+43 1) 408 63 66 / 18
       fax :  (+43 1) 408 04 50


       R.M. Fujimoto (CHAIR), Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
       J.G. Cleary, University of Waikato, New Zealand
       A. Elmaghraby, University of Louisville, USA
       A. Ferscha, University of Vienna, Austria
       A. Radiya, Wichita State University, USA
       B.W. Unger, University of Calgary, CA


       R. Ayani, Royal Inst. of Technology, Sweden *
       A. Boukerche, Univ. of Texas at Dallas, USA
       D. Bruce, UK Defence Research Agency, UK
       G. Chiola, University of Genova, Italy
       J. G. Cleary, University of Waikato, New Zealand
       S. Das, Univ. of Texas at San Antonio, USA
       A. Ferscha, University of Vienna, Austria
       R. M. Fujimoto, Georgia Inst. of Technology, USA
       F. Gomes, University of Calgary, Canada *
       D. Nicol, Dartmouth College, USA
       R. Roenngren, Royal Inst. of Technology, Sweden
       S. Srinivasan, Mystech Association, Virgina, USA
       M. Teo, Nat. Univ. of Singapore, Singapore
       C. Tropper, McGill University, Canada
       S. J. Turner, University of Exeter, UK
       B. W. Unger, University of Calgary, Canada
       P. A. Wilsey, University of Cincinnati, USA



 ACM Special Interest Group on Simulation (SIGSIM)*, IEEE Computer Society
 Technical Committee on Simulation (IEEE-TCSIM)*, and Society for Computer
 Simulation (SCS)*
                                                    ( * approval pending)



 Up-to-date information about  PADS'98  can be obtained from the following 
 URL: Send email to  to 
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