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*   Research Staff Position Available on the Paradyn Project   *
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The Paradyn project is looking for a bright, motivated person to join the
project as a staff researcher.  This is an exciting project that is leading
the technology in many areas of programming tools for parallel and
distributed systems.  There are many new areas of development on the project
and we have a wide variety international research partners.

Degree:	(1) Ph.D. in Computer Sciences or related area, or (2) M.S. in
 Computer Sciences and 3-5 years relevant research or work experience.

Principle duties:  The Paradyn project is a DARPA, DOE, and industry funded
 effort to develop cutting edge tools for parallel and distributed
 programming.  Technical areas span application profiling, operating
 profiling, extensible operating systems, and experiment database/notebooks.

 The primary duties are research, development, and support of software for
 the Paradyn project.  The project includes work on user interfaces, operating
 systems, libraries and run-time systems, dynamic code generation, and
 compilers.  Proven expertise is required in at least two of the above areas,
 including experience developing large software systems.

 The position will have a lead in performing research and (depending on
 experience) directing graduate students.  Software development is an
 important part of this position.  Additional responsibilities include
 helping to write research papers, maintain and distribute the Paradyn
 tools, and travel to interact with the project's research partners.

Salary: $50,000 - $60,000/year, depending on experience.

Our project home page is:

* Applications should be sent via EMAIL to  Include     *
* (1) cover letter, (2) vitae, and (3) names of people to act as references. *
*  Send ASCII, Postscript, or PDF formats ONLY.                              *

If you have questions, feel free to contact me at

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