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*                             CALL FOR PAPERS                               *
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*                            M A S C O T S ' 99                             *
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*              Seventh International Symposium on Modeling,                 *
*                 Analysis and Simulation of Computer and                   *
*                      Telecommunication Systems                            *
*                                                                           *
*                                                                           *
*              University of Maryland, College Park MD, USA                 *
*                          October 24-28, 1999                              *
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*                             Co-sponsored by:                              *
*             ACM Special Interest Group on Simulation (SIGSIM)*            *
*   IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Simulation (IEEE-TCSIM)    *
*  IEEE Comp. Soc. Technical Committee on Computer Architecture (IEEE-TCCA) *
*                   Society for Computer Simulation (SCS)*                  *
*        International Federation of Information Processing (IFIP) *        *
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The 1999 International Symposium on Modeling, Analysis and  Simulation of 
Computer and Telecommunication Systems (MASCOTS), will take  place at the 
University of Maryland Hotel and Conference Center, College Park, MD USA. 

Established to serve as a forum to academia, industry and  research  labs 
with interest  in  system  design,  modeling,  analysis,  simulation  and 
performance evaluation. MASCOTS'99 is targeted to the growing overlap and
interaction between computing and telecommunications.

MASCOTS'99 will begin with a series of prominent guest speakers from both
industry and academia.  The Symposium will include  contributed technical 
papers, keynote talks,  panel  discussions  and  tutorials.  A  series of 
workshops will be held in conjunction with MASCOTS'99.



Papers are solicited which contain significant novel ideas  and  research 
results on both methodological  and  special  case studies,  relevant  to 
either or both computer and  telecommunication systems.  In expanding the 
traditional and  general  topics  of  past  MASCOTS,  this  year's topics 
include but are not limited to:

     - Telecommunication Networks and Software	
     - Broadband Communication Systems
     - Satellite and Wireless Communication Networks
     - Quality of Service Management
     - Network Architecture and Protocol Performance
     - Network Traffic Measurement and Simulation
     - Network Management/Security
     - Advanced Intelligent Networks and SS7, 
     - Simulation Models and Techniques (OO, Distributed, Efficiency)
     - Analysis Techniques and Formal Methods
     - Modeling Techniques and Workload Characterization
     - User Behavior Modeling
     - Performability Modeling, Verification and Validation
     - Performance Analysis Methodologies and Tools in the area of
     - Set-Top Boxes, Digital/Interactive TV, Video-on-Demand Servers
     - Thin-Clients and their Servers
     - Multimedia Systems/Applications
     - World Wide Web and Internet Applications
     - Electronic Commerce Systems
     - Performance Evaluation of Distributed Systems; Real-Time Systems; 
       Memory, File and I/O Systems; Distributed Database Systems; 
       Reconfigurable Computing


MASCOTS'99 will begin with a day of invited  technical  talks provided by 
distinguished scientists and engineers from Industry and  Academia.  This 
is a co-located event, funded by the University of Maryland Institute for
Advanced Computing Studies (UMIACS) and  the Laboratory  for Telecommuni-
cations Sciences.


Workshops  offer  the  opportunity  for  in-depth exploration of selected
topics. Proposals for workshops to address  special topics  in the  field 
are encouraged.  Separate  Workshop  proceedings  will be  published.  To 
organize a workshop, send a proposal by electronic mail to by January 29, 1999. Your proposal should be a
text file (ASCII) and must include: 
     (1) a short description of the workshop topic and its significance, 
     (2) workshop duration, 
     (3) a list of potential attendees, and 
     (4) names of at least three persons who have agreed to serve in the 
         organizing committee for your specific workshop.


Proposals  are  solicited  for  organizing  half-day tutorials on current
topics. Interested individuals should submit a proposal including lecture
outline, description of intended audience, and vita of speaker(s)  to the 
Tutorials Chair by March 8, 1999.


Authors are encouraged to submit a paper describing a tool  suitable  for 
online demonstration. Separate sessions are planned where these tools are
to be demonstrated online on  a  supplied  workstation,  as  compared  to 
theoretical talks of regular papers. The papers describing the tools will 
undergo the regular review process and will be included in the conference 
proceedings in a dedicated tools section. 


Papers  should not exceed  20 double-spaced pages, and should include 3-5 
keywords. Papers must be  unpublished  and  must  not  be  submitted  for 
publication  elsewhere.  Each  submission  must  be  accompanied  by  the 
following information:  a short abstract,  a complete list of the authors 
and their affiliations,  a contact person for correspondence,  postal and
email addresses. 

Authors are strongly encouraged to submit their papers in ELECTRONIC form 
(PostScript  only),  by  1  May  1999.   The  respective  guidelines  for 
electronic submission are available at  
Papers may (as an exception) also be submitted in  hardcopy form.  Send 5
copies of the manuscript to the program chair by  1 May 1999.  Interested
experts in one or many  of  the  MASCOTS99  focal  points are  invited to 
register as a reviewer 


29 January 1999         Workshop Proposal Deadline
 8 March   1999         Tutorials Proposal Deadline
 1 May     1999         Electronic Paper Submission
 1 May     1999         Hard Copy Paper Submission (received!)
16 July    1999         Acceptance/Rejection Notification
20 August  1999         Camera ready
24-28 October 1999 	MASCOTS'99



Alois Ferscha
Department of Applied Computer Science
University of Vienna 
Lenaugasse 2/8
A-1080 Vienna, Austria
Phone: +43 1 408 63 66 18
Fax :  +43 1 408 04 50


Patrick Dowd                                    Darrell D. E. Long
Dept Electrical Engineering,                    Computer Science Department
University of Maryland (College Park, MD) &     University of California 
U.S. Department of Defense (Ft. Meade, MD) 	  (Santa Cruz, CA)
Email:				Email:
Phone: +1 301 688 0347				Phone: +1 831 459 2616
Fax :  +1 301 688 0588				Fax :  +1 831 459 4829


Parmesh Ramanathan
Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering
4615 Engineering Hall
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Madison, WI 53706 
Phone: +1 608 263 0557


Krishna Sivalingam
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99164-2752
Phone: +1 509 335 3220
Fax: +1 509 332 0846


Gabriele Kotsis, University of Vienna, 
Department of Applied Computer Science, Vienna, AUSTRIA

S. V. Raghavan, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Madras, INDIA

Jerome Rolia, Carleton University
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering, Ottawa, CANADA

Albert Y. Zomaya, The University of Western Australia
Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Nedlands, Perth, WESTERN AUSTRALIA


James Perreault, U.S. Department of Defense
Advanced Networking Research,  Ft. Meade MD
Phone: +1 301688 0347
Fax: +1 301 688 0588


Rajive Bagrodia, University of California at Los Angeles 
Azzedine Boukerche, University of North Texas
Peter Buchholz, University of Dortmund
Giovanni Chiola, University of Genova
Sajal Das, University of North Texas
Patrick Dowd, University of Maryland
Guenter Haring, University of Vienna
Gabriele Kotsis, University of Vienna
Darrell Long, University of California at Santa Cruz
Allen Malony, University of Oregon
Daniel Menasce, George Mason University
Richard Muntz, University of California at Los Angeles
David Nicol, Dartmouth College
S.V. Raghavan, IIT Madras
Robert Roenngren, Kungl Tekniska Hogskolan
William Sanders, University of Illinois
Herb Schwetman, Mesquite Inc.
Majumdar Shikaresh, Carleton University
Gabriel Silberman, IBM Toronto 
Kishor Trivedi, Duke University
Steve Turner, University of Exeter
Brian Unger, University of Calgary
Murray Woodside, Carleton University
Carey Williamson, University of Saskatchewan
Phil Wilsey, University of Cincinnati
Albert Zomaya, University of Western Australia


Dharma Agrawal, North Carolina State University 
Kallol Bagchi, Consultant 
Giovanni Chiola, Universitat di Genova
Doug DeGroot, Texas Instruments 
Patrick Dowd, University of Maryland 
Herb Schwetman, Mesquite Inc.
Kishor Trivedi, Duke University
Jean Walrand, University of California at Berkeley 

* Pending final approval from societies.

Updated information may be retrieved from the web using the URL: