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Katrin Seyr seyr@dbai.tuwien.ac.at
Thu, 12 Oct 2000 14:51:37 +0200 (CEST)

Die Technische Universität Wien ladet gemeinsam mit der Österreichischen
Computer Gesellschaft zu folgendem Vortrag im Rahmen des Kolloquiums des
Fachbereiches Informatik ein:


       Building Formal Models for Software Requirements
                     Axel van Lamsweerde
            Département d'Ingénierie Informatique
              Université catholique de Louvain
              B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium)


Zeit: 20.Oktober 2000, 17.00 Uhr
Ort: Zemanek Hoersaal, Favoritenstraße 11/Erdgeschoss



Requirements engineering (RE) is concerned with the elicitation of the
goals to be achieved by the system envisioned, the operationalization of
such goals into specifications of services and constraints, and the
assignment of responsibilities for the resulting requirements to agents
such as humans, devices, and software. Getting high-quality requirements
is difficult and critical. Recent surveys have confirmed the growing
recognition of RE as an area of primary concern in software engineering
research and practice. The talk will first briefly introduce RE by
discussing its main motivations, objectives, activities, and challenges.
The role of rich models as a common interface to all RE processes will be
emphasized. We will then review various techniques available to date for
system modeling, from semi-formal to formal, with the aim of showing their
relative strengths and weaknesses when applied during the RE stage of the
software lifecycle, notably, their limited scope, their lack of
abstraction, their poor separation of concerns, and their lack of
methodological guidance. The talk will then discuss a number of recent
efforts to overcome such problems through RE-specific techniques for
goal-oriented elaboration of requirements, multiparadigm modeling and
specification, the handling of non-functional requirements, the management
of conflicting requirements, and the handling of abnormal agent behaviors.

Short Biography:

Axel van Lamsweerde is Full Professor of Computing Science at the
University of Louvain, Belgium. He received the M.S. degree in Mathematics
from that university, and the Ph.D. degree in Computing Science from the
University of Brussels. From 1970 to 1980, he was Research Associate with
the Philips Research Laboratory in Brussels where he worked on proof
methods for parallel programs and on knowledge-based approaches to
automatic programming. He was then Professor of Software Engineering at
the Universities of Namur and Brussels before joining UCL in 1990. He is
co-founder of the CEDITI technology transfer institute partially funded by
the European Union. He has also been a research fellow at the University
of Oregon and the Computer Science Laboratory of SRI International, Menlo
Park, CA.

van Lamsweerde's professional interests are in technical approaches to
requirements engineering and, more generally, in lightweight formal
methods for reasoning about software engineering products and processes.

van Lamsweerde is an ACM fellow. He was program chair of the Third
European Software Engineering Conference (ESEC'91), program co-chair of
the Seventh IEEE Workshop on Software Specification and Design (IWSSD-7),
and program co-chair of the ACM-IEEE Sixteenth International Conference on
Software Engineering (ICSE-16). He is member of the Editorial Boards of
the Automated Software Engineering Journal and the Requirements
Engineering Journal. Since 1995, he is Editor-in-Chief of the ACM
Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology (TOSEM).