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Nice, French Riviera, INRIA
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[Apologies for multiple copies]

Job openings in Distributed Objects at INRIA (France, Nice, 
French Riviera):

The OASIS project at INRIA at Sophia-Antipolis 
(http://www.inria.fr/oasis, France, French Riviera, close to 
is opening 2 one-year post-doctoral positions in the domain of 
distributed object-oriented programming in Java. See the current 
research and developments at http://www.inria.fr/oasis/ProActive.

The positions are related to a project aimed at providing 
extensible architecture for distributed software components.
Several Universities and leading industrial companies take part
in the project. Travelling is expected to occur within France 
and Europe during the project.

The positions to be filled involve software development, 
and publishing in academic conferences and journals.
It offers a unique opportunity to address scientifically 
and industrially relevant problems.

We seek candidates with a strong background in any of 
the following fields and techniques:
 o Distributed objects and components 
 o Transactions, group communication, security
 o MOP, reflection
 o Java, RMI, EJB

To apply (or for further details) please send an email to: 
        mailto: Denis.Caromel@inria.fr
Your email application should include a CV (postscript or PDF),
names and addresses of 2 or 3 referees, and, if available, 
pointers to 
on-line articles (please do *not* include the articles in your

Applications will be evaluated from now on (fall 2000) until the 
are filled.


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