[Acpc-l] PADS 2002: Deadline Extended Until Oct 15th

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                                   CALL FOR PAPERS
   P A D S
                16th Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Simulation
   2 0 0 2
                       Washington, DC (USA)   12-15 May 2002
                  ACM Special Interest Group on Simulation (ACM SIGSIM)*
  IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Simulation (IEEE TC-SIM)*
                                  Society for Computer Simulation (SCS)*
                                                      * approval pending
  The PADS workshops provide a forum for presenting recent work that
  enhances the understanding of parallel and distributed simulation
  techniques (including optimistic, conservative, real-time and
  interactive synchronization, synthetic environments, virtual reality,
  DIS and HLA, and web-based simulation) and their use in real-world
  Papers on a diversity of topics are welcomed, particularly those
  that indicate and explore new directions; the scope of PADS 2002
  is by no means limited to the topics explicitly mentioned here,
  nor to those discussed at previous meetings.
  We invite RESEARCH CONTRIBUTIONS that present new formulations,
  theoretical models, architectures, algorithms, protocols, data
  structures or other implementation techniques; in short, anything that
  advances the state of the art or provides deeper insight into its
  fundamental nature.  Papers describing languages, systems, libraries,
  tools or techniques that facilitate the development, interoperation,
  re-use and validation of parallel simulation models are also sought,
  as are contributions towards predicting their performance.
  practitioners who have tried to apply these techniques in real-world
  applications.  Success stories that demonstrate the practical benefits
  that parallel, distributed, and web-based simulation can offer are
  obviously welcome, but we would also encourage those for whom these
  techniques did not prove successful to characterize those aspects of
  their problem that caused the most difficulty and thereby frame
  challenges for future research.  (Naturally, deeper analysis than
  just ``we tried this and it did/didn't work'' would be preferred!)
  Papers must be written in English and should not exceed 5000 words.
  Authors should identify clearly the contribution of their paper,
  explain its significance, and show how it relates to previous work.
  Papers must not have been previously published, nor may they be under
  consideration for publication elsewhere.
  All submissions will be reviewed using a double-blind review process
  --- the identities of authors and referees will not be revealed to
  each other.  To ensure blind reviewing, authors' names and
  affiliations should not appear in the submission, and bibliographic
  references should be modified so as not to reveal the identities of
  the authors.
  Authors are encouraged to submit their papers in electronic form.
  Further guidelines regarding submissions will be made available on
  the PADS 2002 web site in due course.
  Electronic submissions (PostScript only) be sent to the program
  co-chairs by 15 OCTOBER 2001.  

  Notification of acceptance will be made by
  20 DECEMBER 2001.  Camera ready final versions of accepted
  papers will be required approximately mid FEBRUARY 2002.        
  D. I. Bruce                   Defence Evaluation and Research Agency, UK
  A. S. Elmaghraby              University of Louisville, USA
  R. M. Fujimoto (Honorary)     Georgia Inst. of Technology, USA
  S. J. Turner                  Nanyang Tech. University, Singapore
  B. W. Unger                   University of Calgary, Canada
  F. P. Wieland                 The MITRE Corporation, USA
  P. A. Wilsey                  University of Cincinnati, USA
  Frederik P. Wieland                           Philip A. Wilsey
  Center for Adv. Aviation Syst. Develop.       Experimental Computing Lab
  The MITRE Corporation                         ECECS Dept, PO Box 210030
  1820 Dolley Madison Blvd.                     Cincinnati, OH 45221-0030
  McLean, VA 22102                              Voice: +1 513 556-4779
  Voice: +1 703 883-5385                        Fax: +1 513 556-7326
  Fax: +1 703 883-1917                          Email: philip.wilsey@ieee.org
  Email: fwieland@mitre.org

  Lorenzo Donatiello                            Francesco Quaglia
  Dipart. di Scienze dell'Informazione          Dipart. di Informatica e Sistemistica
  University of Bologna                         University of Roma "La Sapienza"
  Via di Mura Anteo Zamboni 7                   Via Salaria 113
  40127 Bologna, Italy                          00198 Roma, Italy
  Voice: +39 051 2094512                        Voice: +39 06 49918485
  Fax: +39 051 2094510                          Fax: +39 06 85300849
  Email: donat@cs.unibo.it                      Email: quaglia@dis.uniroma1.it
  Christopher D. Carothers
  Department of Computer Science
  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  110 8th Street
  Troy, New York 12180-3590
  Voice: +1 518 276-2930
  Fax: +1 518 276-4033
  Email: chrisc@cs.rpi.edu
  R. L. Bagrodia        University of California, Los Angeles, USA
  A. Boukerche          University of North Texas, USA
  D. I. Bruce           Defence Evaluation and Research Agency, UK
  W. Cai                Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  C. D. Carothers       Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA
  J. G. Cleary          University of Waikato, New Zealand
  S. R. Das             University of Cincinnati, San Antonio, USA
  A. Ferscha            University of Linz, Austria
  P. A. Fishwick        University of Florida, USA
  R. M. Fujimoto        Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
  D. M. Nicol           Dartmouth College, USA
  E. H. Page            The MITRE Corporation, USA
  C. D. Pham            University of Lyons, France
  B. R. Ronngren        Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
  M. Takai              University of California, Los Angeles, USA
  C. Tropper            McGill University, Canada
  S. J. Turner          Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  B. W. Unger           University of Calgary, Canada
ONLINE INFORMATION:                                      

  Up-to-date information about PADS 2002 can be obtained on the
  World Wide Web at URL: http://www.dis.uniroma1.it/~quaglia/pads2002.
  Please send email to: pads@ani.univie.ac.at with subject: subscribe
  for inclusion in the PADS electronic mailing list.