[Acpc-l] 29.Sept-02.Okt 02: EuroPVMMPI/DAPSYS - Linz

Dieter Kranzlmueller dk@gup.uni-linz.ac.at
Thu, 22 Aug 2002 13:59:01 +0200


==> 9th EuroPVM/MPI & 4th DAPSYS Conference <==

Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria
September 29-October 02, 2002
http://www.gup.uni-linz.ac.at/pvmmpi or http://www.gup.uni-linz.ac.at/dapsys

The 9th EuroPVM/MPI conference will be jointly organized with the 4th
Austrian-Hungarian Workshop on Distributed and Parallel Systems (DAPSYS) at
the Johannes Kepler University Linz. Participants of the two events will
share invited talks, tutorials, vendor sessions, and social events, while
contributed paper presentations will go on in separate tracks in parallel.

While EuroPVM/MPI is dedicated to the latest developments of PVM and MPI,
DAPSYS is expected to be a major event to discuss general aspects of
parallel and distributed systems. In this way the two events are complement
to each other and participants of the 9th EuroPVM/MPI conference can benefit
from the joint organization of the two events.

More details about these two events can be found at

The preliminary program of this joint event is now available at

Registration and hotel reservation details can be found at

Invited Talks:
   - Jack Dongarra, "High Performance Computing, Computational Grid, and
     Numerical Libraries"
   - Vaidy Sunderam, "Performance, Scalability, and Robustness in the
     Harness Metacomputing Framework"
   - Dick van Albada, Peter Sloot, "Surfing the Grid - Dynamic Task
     Migration in the Polder Metacomputer Project"
   - Marian Bubak, Michal Turala, "CrossGrid and its Relatives in Europe"
   - Al Geist, "Petascale Virtual Machine: Computing on 100,000 Processors"
   - William Gropp, "MPICH2: A New Start for MPI Implementations"
   - Zoltan Juhasz, "Making Grid Computing Mainstream"
   - Ewing Lusk, "Process Management for Scalable Parallel Programs"
   - Barton P. Miller, "A Security Attack and Defense in the Grid
   - Michael Gerndt, "Performance Analysis: Necessity or Add-on in Grid

   - William Gropp, Ewing Lusk, "MPI on the Grid"
   - Barbara Chapman, "Parallel Application Development with the Hybrid
     MPI+OpenMP Programming Model"
   + Vampir/GuideView (VGV) Live-Demo by Pallas: Performance Analysis of
     MPI+OpenMPI Programs"

Special Session:
   - "CrossGrid - Development of Grid Environment for Interactive
     Applications" (Marian Bubak, Michal Turala)
   - "PARSIM - Current Trends in Numerical Simulation for Parallel
     Engineering Environments" (Carsten Trinits, Martin Schulz)

Special Vendor Session - Presentations by EuroPVMMPI/DAPSYS Sponsors

Sponsors of EuroPVMMPI (as confirmed by August 16, 2002):
   Platinum Sponsors:
   - IBM (www.ibm.com/eserver/de)
   - Myricom (www.myricom.com)
   - Microsoft (www.microsoft.com)
   Gold Sponsors:
   - Hewlett-Packard
   - SUN Microsystems
   - AMD
   - NEC Europe,
   - Dolphin Interconnect Solutions
   Silver Sponsors:
   - Platform Computing
   Bronze Sponsors:
   - Pallas

We would like to thank all of our sponsors for their support and we would be
happy to welcome you in Linz.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at
    pvmmpi@gup.jku.at or dapsys@gup.jku.at

On behalf of the organizing committee,
Dieter Kranzlmueller
GUP Linz, Joh. Kepler University Linz