[Acpc-l] lists, addresses doctors american directory, 7,000 hospitals, 25,000 nursing homes and 400,000 doctors.

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<strong><font color=3D"#FF0000" size=3D"4">Limited Time! Exclusive Introdu=
ctory Offer!<br>
The New 2005 United States Healthcare Database. </font></strong> 
<p> The United States Healthcare Database is a comprehensive NEW product <=
  that is offered exclusively on a limited-time basis. This complete <br>
  database includes all hospitals, nursing homes, and physicians in the <b=
<p> In a rapidly-changing industry, current healthcare information is an <=
  invaluable resource to businesses and organizations. The United States <=
  Healthcare Database includes comprehensive information on more than <br>=

  7,000 hospitals, 25,000 nursing homes and 400,000 doctors. It is the <br=
  most extensive and reliable mailing list and database of key decision <b=
  makers in the health care market.<br>
  Imagine the increase in marketing and sales effectiveness made possible =
  by targeting the key contacts by name. If reaching the right decision <b=
  maker is critical to the success of your direct marketing campaigns, <br=
  then this is the product.</p>
<p> Each record is indexed by such features as name, address, phone and fa=
x. <br>
  The database is available in Excel format on CD Rom. It is designed for =
  mailing lists and merges. The data can be selected by state or other <br=
  criteria such as type of practice. It can be used on an unlimited basis.=
<p> This database covers over 250,000 key personnel and facility contacts =
  for more than 7,000 hospitals. Information includes senior managers at <=
  each facility (including purchasing, IT, nursing, etc.) along with <br>
  mailing address, direct-dial phone numbers and fax numbers. It also <br>=

  includes updated information on hospital ownership, beds, employees, <br=
  admissions, discharges and specialized services.</p>
<p> For the past 14 years, MedCom has maintained the most comprehensive <b=
  healthcare lists. Our directories are 100% telephone verified and <br>
  updated every quarter. MedCom continues to hold the nation's most <br>
  extensive and reliable databases of key decision-makers in the health <b=
  care market.<br>
  Available exclusively on CD-Rom (Excel), the data can be used on an <br>=

  unlimited basis. It is easily exportable to other programs for mailing <=
  or faxing purposes.</p>
<p> For a limited time, this extensive database is offered at an introduct=
  <strong><font color=3D"#FF0000" size=3D"5">price of $195 (reg. $745).</f=
<p>To order, please print this e-mail, complete the information below and =
  <strong>fax it to 416-765-0029 (tel: 416-765-0028).</strong></p>