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Fri Sep 6 17:36:05 CEST 2013

and from there tram D until Seegasse. From there it
is just a few meters walking distance to D'Landsknecht.

The (scientific) program will start at 14:00 in the
"Sky Lounge" on the 12th floor of the mathematics
building, which is next to the Roszauer Kaserne.
The entrance is from the Berggasse.
(So far, I did not manage to find a street sign
which would say "Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz ...)

The program will consist of presentations by:

* M. Yoo (Combinatorics of Macdonald polynomials)
* S. Radu (New identities)
* C. Schneider (A proof of a conjectured identity)
* J. Ablinger (Relations of q-Zeta values)
* discussion

I am then looking forward to see you on Thursday!

    With best wishes,

       Christian Krattenthaler

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