[Aec-friends] Postdocs in Combinatorics - Mittag Leffler Institute - Spring 2020 - Deadline: January 6th (fwd)

Christian Krattenthaler christian.krattenthaler at univie.ac.at
Thu Dec 13 13:42:23 CET 2018

I forward the announcement of a programme at the
Mittag-Leffler Institut near Stockholm  by Sylvie Corteel.

      With best wishes,



Dear all,

The Mittag Leffler Institute in Djursholm, near Stockholm, Sweden
will host a program in Enumerative and Algebraic Combinatorics
from January 13 - April 30 2020

During the program, there will be three workshops:
Combinatorics and Random Processes, January 27 - 31
Unimodality, Log-concavity and beyond, March 16 - 20
Algebraic Combinatorics, April 20 - 24

The Institute offers several fellowships
for advanced graduate students or recent PhDs
(degree obtained at most 5 years at the start of the program)
Deadline: January 6th, 2019.

We would like to encourage you or your students and postdocs to apply.

Best regards,

Sylvie Corteel
and the other organizers Sara Billey, Petter Branden and Svante Linusson

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