[Aec-friends] Talk by Wadim Zudilin at RISC (February 4, 11:00)

Carsten Schneider cschneid at risc.jku.at
Mon Jan 20 13:23:17 CET 2020

Dear Colleagues,

Wadim Zudilin will give a talk in our Algorithmic Combinatorics seminar 
on February 4 (Tuesday, 11:00).

You are cordially invited to join.

Best wishes,

Title: I prefer PI
Speaker: Prof. Wadim Zudilin, Radbound University, The Netherlands.
Date and Time: February 4, 2020; 11:00 a.m.
Location: RISC, Castle of Hagenberg.

Abstract: I will report on my joint work with Doron Zeilberger, about how
one can use experimental mathematics and symbolic algebra to measure
the irrationality of famous mathematical constants; in particular, about 
a new
world record for PI. There is still some room for a human touch, and this
involves some classical number theory (like "Freshman's Dream Identity")
and combinatorics of binomial sums. My talk will outline the story 
behind the

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