[PRACE] PRACE Preparatory Access and SHAPE: Call for proposals

Thomas Ponweiser Thomas.Ponweiser at risc-software.at
Mon Aug 10 12:36:49 CEST 2015


   PRACE Preparatory Access and SHAPE: Call for proposals


PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe) is a
Research Infrastructure that allows researchers from across
Europe to apply for time on high-performance computers from a
series of hosting nations via a central peer review process.

PRACE Preparatory Access Call for Tier-0

Preparatory access is intended for testing and developing codes
in order to prepare applications for PRACE Tier-0 project access.
In particular, we would like to draw your attention to the
Preparatory Access Type C which includes code development with
support from PRACE experts. Further information are given on the
PRACE web page


The Preparatory Access Call is a rolling call, researchers can
apply for access all year. There are no closing dates, proposals
will be reviewed every third month. The next cut-off date is
September 7th, 2015.

All interested scientists, whose projects fit the criteria of 
the PRACE call are invited to submit their projects. The
criteria for the PRACE Calls as well as complete information on
the PRACE machines, how to apply and on the PRACE peer review
process can be found on the website mentioned above or on



SHAPE, the SME HPC Adoption Programme in Europe is a pan-European, 
PRACE-based programme supporting HPC adoption by SMEs. The Programme 
aims to raise awareness and equip European SMEs with the expertise 
necessary to take advantage of the innovation possibilities opened 
up by High Performance Computing (HPC), thus increasing their 

HPC is a powerful technology that can enable the development of new 
products or services, reduce time-to-market and cost of R&D or 
increase quality. The opportunities opened up by HPC are vast and an 
increasing number of SMEs turn to HPC in order to create new business 

The Programme will help European SMEs overcome barriers to using 
HPC, such as cost of operation, lack of knowledge and lack of 
resources. It will facilitate the process of defining a workable 
solution based on HPC and defining an appropriate business model.

For questions about the PRACE SHAPE Programme, see 


or contact the SHAPE Team (shape at prace-ri.eu).

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