[Publicity] Arrival information at Hagenberg (AEC summer school)

JKU Linz - RISC Office secretary at risc.jku.at
Thu Aug 7 13:23:05 CEST 2014

Dear AEC Participants,

Note that the program of our summer school is available:

In order to support your arrival in Hagenberg, we would
like to provide you with some information.
[for a map with the points of interest see

1) On the map you will see the bus station (in case that you take the
bus from the Linz train station (Linz HBF) with the direction to Freistadt.
The bus stop is called Hagenberg Ortsmitte.

2) The check in times at the Hotel Sommerhaus (item 2 of the map) are:

16.-20.08.:all day from 12.00 to 24.00
21.08.: 7.00-16.00 and all night starting from 20.00
22.08.: all day starting from 7.00
23.08. 7.00-14.00

3) The breakfast will be served at Cafe Honeder (item 3 of the map).
Since the room is not too big, they will offer two different
time periods. When you register at the Hotel Sommerhaus,
you will be asked to decide which fits better to you.

4) If you arrive on Saturday, there will various possibilities to have 
However, on Sunday this is more challenging.
We took care that the  restaurant Hofwirt (item 4 on the map) will be open
from 6 pm on (Warning: if nobody pops up till 8 pm, they will close again).

5) The conference place will be at the castle of Hagenberg (the 
close to our RISC institute; see item 1 of the map)
The registration desk opens on Monday at 8:30.
In case that you get financial support, please hand in the corresponding 
forms to our secretaries.

Below of this email we put some further travel information which might 
be helpful for you.

In behalf of the organizers,

Carsten Schneider


There are several options to reach the conference place RISC (Hagenberg):

a) Vienna airport -> Linz train station (Linz HBF)

Step 1: When you land at the airport Vienna, there are regular buses 
which go to the train station Wien Westbahnhof

Step 2: From Wien Westbahnhof there are regular trains which go to Linz. 
There are two train companies:
* OEBB (here you have to buy tickets before you enter the train; for the
departure times check: http://www.oebb.at/en/index.jsp)
* Westbahn (it goes only each hour, but there some advantages:
you can buy the ticket inside of the train, there is free wireless, it 
is cheaper...;
for the departure times see https://westbahn.at/en )

b) Linz airport -> Linz train station (Linz HBF)

Step 1: Take the bus 601 from the airport to the Linz Main Train Station 
(Linz HBF); it goes each hour.
The departure is in the front of the airport (there is only one bus 
(for the time schedule check http://www.oebb.at/en/index.jsp)

Step 2: Take the bus from Linz train station (Linz HBF) to Hagenberg 
(see c)

c) Linz train station (Linz HBF) -> Hagenberg

Take the bus 310 from the Linz Main Train Station (Linz HBF) to
Hagenberg (the starting point is at the bus terminal which is directly 
attached at the train station;
the walking distance is about 5 minutes) The tickets are sold by the bus 
driver (costs: 4:80 Euro).
(Again, for the departure times see: http://www.oebb.at/en/index.jsp)

d) Alternatively, you might take a taxi:
Starting from the Linz airport the costs are around 80 Euro,
Starting form the Linz train station the costs are around 60 Euro.

Warning: there is also a Hotel Sommerhaus in Linz; make clear that you 
want to travel to Hagenberg

Best regards
io Ilse Brandner-Foißner

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