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Dear colleagues,

At the 4th International Congress on Mathematical Software (which is a satellite conference of the
International Congress of Mathematicians) we will organize a special session on "Software for
Groebner Bases"  (and related topics), see details below.

Please feel motivated and inspired to present a talk on your work within this session. Also, please,
distribute this announcement to other researchers who you think might be able to contribute to this

We look forward to receiving your extended abstract and to then meeting you in Seoul.

Best regards and wishes,

Bruno Buchberger,  Session Organizer
Alex Maletzky,  Session Co-organizer.


4th International Congress on Mathematical Software
August 5-9, 2014
Seoul, Korea

Session “Software for Groebner Bases”

Organizer: Bruno Buchberger
Co-Organizer:  Alexander Maletzky

Research Institute for Symbolic Computation
Johannes Kepler University

Linz / Schloss Hagenberg, Austria

bruno.buchberger at risc.jku.at
alexander.maletzky at risc.jku.at

Aim and Scope of the Session

Groebner bases (and related bases like characteristic sets, Groebner bases in differential rings,
etc.) have found numerous applications in all areas of science and technology. Since the computation
of such bases is known to be intrinsically complex, the improvement of algorithms for their
computation and software for the many applications of Groebner bases is of utmost importance.
Considerable progress has been made over the past decades and years in this area.

This session is a forum for reporting on
- practical improvements of the algorithms for computing Groebner bases and related bases,
- generic implementation of Groebner bases,
- particularly efficient implementation of Groebner bases in special domains,
- numerical versions of Groebner bases computation,
- implementation of Groebner bases on parallel machines, high-perfomance computers, special hardware,
- special user interfaces for Groebner bases applications,
- implementation of Groebner bases algorithms in general mathematical software systems,
- special software systems that focus on the computation and applications of Groebner bases,
- case studies for the use and computation of Groebner bases in particularly complex and / or
practically important cases,
- success stories and feasibility reports on the use of Groebner bases etc. in  science, technology,
engineering, economy, medicine etc.,
- success stories and feasibility reports on the use of Groebner bases etc. inside mathematics
(mathematical reasoning, geometric reasoning, experimental mathematics, cryptography etc.),
- comparison (of computing times and other efficiency criteria) of various implementations.

Note that this session is  not  a forum for the theory of Groebner bases and complexity. We want to
focus exclusively on the implementation, software, and application aspect.

Duration of Talks:  approx. 30 minutes (including discussion), but this might slightly change
depending on the number of talks.

Deadline for Submission of Extended Abtracts:  April 15, 2014.

Decision about Acceptance:   Within one week after submission

At the conference, we will decide about whether, later, full paper versions of the talks (and maybe
other papers in the scope of the session) will be published as a special issue of the Journal of
Symbolic Computation.

Please also visit the session web page for further information:


Currently, the following people are in our mailing list for this session. Please, send the
announcement also to other people who you know are working in the scope of the session.
(When you do this, please, send a cc to us so that we can systematically extend our mailing list.)

Abbott, John
Afzahl, Mehreen
Ars, Gwénolé
Awange, Joseph
Bayer, Dave
Bernardin, Laurent
Bigatti, Anna M.
Botana, Francisco
Buchanan, George
Buchmann, Johannes
Busé, Laurent
Caboara, Massimo
Cannon, John
Davenport, James H.
de Moura, Leonardo
Decker, Wolfram
Ding, Jintai
Dinwoodie, Ian H.
Eder, Christian
Eisenbud, David
Faugère, Jean-Charles
Gao, David Wenzhong
Gao, Shuhong
Gao, Xiao-Shan
Gerdt, Vladimir
Geum, Young Hee
Gianni, Patrizia
Golubitsky, Oleg
Grafarend, Erik W.
Grayson, Daniel R.
Green, Martin J.
Greuel, Gert-Martin
Hare, Kevin G.
Hashemi, Amir
Hearn, Anthony C.
Hernando, Antonio
Hong, Hoon
Hu, Yupu
Huang, Xiguang
Jeavons, Peter
Jefferson, Christopher
Kapur, Deepak
Kendricks, Kimberley
Kredel, Heinz
Kreuzer, Martin
Laita, Luis M.
Lall, Sanjay
Lazard, Daniel
Lecerf, Grégoire
Levandovskyy, Viktor
Liu, Y. Jane
Manna, Zohar
Masood, Ashraf
Mayr, Ernst
Möller, H. Michael
Mohamed, Saied Emam Mohamed
Mohamed, Wael Said Abd Elmageed
Moiola, Jorge Luis
Mora, Teo
Moreno Maza, Marc
Mourrain, Bernard
Murphy, Sean
Niesi, Gianfranco
Pan, Senshan
Passmore, Grant
Paterson, Maura
Peddieson, John
Perret, Ludovic
Perry, John
Pfister, Gerhard
Piury, Josefina
Poteaux, Adrien
Radman, Ghadir
Roanes-Lozano, Eugenio
Roanes-Macías, Eugenio
Robbiano, Lorenzo
Rosenkranz, Markus
Roune, Bjarke
Sala, Massimiliano
Sankaranarayanan, Sriram
Sasaki, Tateati
Schönemann, Hans
Spaenlehauer, Pierre-Jean
Steel, Allan
Stein, William
Stillman, Michael
Sturmfels, Bernd
Sun, Yao
Théry, Laurent
Thomas, Rekha R.
Trager, Barry M.
Tran, Quoc-Nam
Traverso, Carlo
Tsigaridas, Elias
Unger, Bill
Volny, Frank
van der Hoeven, Joris
van Dongen, M. R. C.
Vandewalle, Patrick
Wang, Baocang
Wang, Dingkang
Wang, Dongming
Weihua, Li
Weispfenning, Volker
Wolfram, Stephen
Wu, Jinzhao
Xu, Quiang
Zhao, Lin


Bruno Buchberger, Dr.phil. Dr.h.c.mult.
Professor of Computer Mathematics
Member of the Academy of Europe

Research Institute for Symbolic Computation (RISC)
Johannes Kepler University
A4232 Schloss Hagenberg
++ 43 664 4211646
bruno.buchberger at risc.jku.at

Founding Editor of Journal of Symbolic Computation (1985-1995)
Founding Chairman of RISC (1987-2000)
Founding Head of Softwarepark Hagenberg (1989 - 2013)

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