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                          ISSAC 2014

   International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation
                  Kobe University, Japan,  July 23-25, 2014.
              with workshops and tutorials on July 21-22, 2014.




The International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation is
the premier conference for research in symbolic computation and
computer algebra. ISSAC 2014 is the 39th meeting in the series. The
conference traditionally presents a range of invited speakers,
tutorials, poster sessions and software demonstrations with a
centre-piece of contributed research papers.

ISSAC 2014 is affiliated with "Kobe Computing Week 2014", an event of
Academic Exchange Weeks, Graduate School of Human Development and
Environment, Kobe University.

Call for Participation:
You can register online to ISSAC 2014 (the server at Kobe University).
We encourage you to register while early registration fees apply.

Early Online (by 22th June, 11:59 PM, JST)
  CoopOrg: 19,000 JPY, Regular: 20,000 JPY, Student:  8,000 JPY
Late Online (by 13th July, 11:59 PM, JST)
  CoopOrg: 21,000 JPY, Regular: 22,000 JPY, Student: 10,000 JPY
  Regular: 26,000 JPY, Student: 14,000 JPY

CoopOrg denotes members of cooperation organizations (e.g. SIGSAM).
The registration fee includes the conference materials with the
electrical proceedings in USB key, coffee breaks, welcome reception,
banquet and bus to banquet. However, the printed proceedings and
lunch are NOT included. The printed proceedings will be available
but you have to order them (2,500 JPY for each copy, by 22th June)
at the online registration.

For more information, please see


For information about traveling, accommodation and visa, please see


Program Overview:
Kobe Computing Week 2014 has workshops, extended tutorials and
ISSAC 2014 Conference. The tentative schedule is as follows.

July 21 (afternoon): Maple Workshop, Mathematica Workshop
July 22 (all day): Extended Tutorials
         (evening): Welcome Reception
July 23 (all day): ISSAC 2014 Conference
         (evening): Business Meetings
July 24 (all day): ISSAC 2014 Conference
         (evening): Banquet
July 25 (all day): ISSAC 2014 Conference

Accepted Papers:
We have 51 accepted papers:


Posters and Software Presentations:
We have 18 accepted posters and 3 software presentations:


Invited Speakers:
We have 3 invited talks on July 23-25.

- Noriko Arai
     Mathematics by Machine
- David Stoutemyer
     Fuzzy simplification of non-numeric expressions containing
     some numeric intervals and/or floating point numbers
- Bernd Sturmfels
     Maximum Likelihood for Matrices with Rank Constraints

For more information, see


We have Maple Workshop and Mathematica Workshop on July 21.
You can attend the workshops FREE of charge, without registration.

In Mathematica Workshop, most of the presentations will be in Japanese.
In Maple Workshop, all the slides will be in English and one of
presentations will be in English (others are in Japanese).

For more information, see


Extended Tutorials:
We have 6 tutorials in parallel; 1 morning and 2 afternoon sessions.
You can attend the tutorials FREE of charge, without registration.

- Lihong Zhi
     Symbolic-numeric algorithms for computing validated results
- Mitsushi Fujimoto
     How to develop a mobile computer algebra system
- Francois Le Gall
     Algebraic Complexity Theory and Matrix Multiplication
- Hirokazu Anai
     Effective quantifier elimination for industrial applications
- Hidefumi Ohsugi
     Groebner bases of toric ideals and their application
- Hiroyuki Goto
     An introduction to max-plus algebra

For more information, see


Related Conferences:
ISSAC 2014 is one of satellite conferences of ICM 2014 (International
Congress of Mathematicians), Korea. Also, SNC 2014 (Symbolic-Numeric
Computation), Shanghai, China, and Workshop on Applications of
Algebraic Geometry and Algebraic Analysis, Kobe, Japan, are satellite
conferences of ISSAC 2014.

ISSAC 2014 is affiliated with "Kobe Computing Week 2014", an event of
Academic Exchange Weeks, Graduate School of Human Development and
Environment, Kobe University, in-cooperation with ACM/SIGSAM,
sponsored by Cybernet Systems, Maplesoft, Wolfram Research, Tateishi
Science and Technology foundation, and Kayamori Foundation of
Informational Science Advancement, and supported by Japan Society for
Symbolic and Algebraic Computation, (Japanese) National Institute of
Informatics, and Meet in Kobe.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Kobe.

yours sincerely,

Kosaku Nagasaka and Franz Winkler,
ISSAC'14 General co-Chairs

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