Vortrag von Ronda Hauben am 5.11.1998

Birgit Ragoner B.Ragoner@infosys.tuwien.ac.at
Tue, 20 Oct 1998 13:19:17 +0100

>Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren!
>Die Oesterreichische Computer Gesellschaft und die Abteilung fuer verteilte
>Systeme 184-1 der Technischen Universitaet Wien laden herzlich zum
>Vortrag in englischer Sprache:
>     Lessons from the early MsgGroup Mailing list as a foundation
>     for identifying the principles for future Internet governance
>Vortragende: Ronda Hauben, USA
>Datum: 5. November 1998, 9:30 Uhr
>Ort: Technische Universit=E4t Wien
>     Seminarraum Argentinierstra=DFe 8, 5.Stock, 1040 Wien
>                              Abstract
>        In looking at questions of Internet governance, it is very
>important to review the history of where the Internet has come from.=20
>This talk will look at one of the earliest mailing lists, MsgGroup,=20
>and describe the evolution of this mailing list. Important problems=20
>concerning the future growth of the Net faced the ARPANET networking
>community in the early 1980's. The discussion on the MsgGroup mailing=20
>list during this period helped to identify the problems so they could=20
>be solved.
>        The talk will then discuss how a similar structure is
>needed today to provide for the open discussion and debate of
>the problems of Internet growth and development. This is a crucial
>component of what is needed for an internationally shared means=20
>of Internet governance. When trying to understand how the=20
>Internet should be governed, it is very important that the=20
>history and evolution of the Internet be studied so that future=20
>developments will build on the lessons of the past
>(see also http://www.columbia.edu/~rh120/other/ifwp_july25.txt).
>Curriculum vitae:
>Ronda Hauben is a reseacher who is co-author of "Netizens:=20
>On the History and Impact of Usenet and the Internet", published=20
>by the IEEE Computer Society Press in 1997. She has her BA degree=20
>from Queens College, and her MA from Tufts University. She has=20
>also studied at University of Michigan in Dearborn and Columbia=20
>University. She has taught at Stillman College in Alabama and=20
>Wheelock College in Massachusetts. Most recently she taught=20
>introduction to Internet classes at Columbia University. Ronda is=20
>a founding editor and writer for the Amateur Computerist=20
>newsletter. Part of the online Internet community since 1988, she=20
>has helped to pioneer online research about the evolution and=20
>importance of UNIX, Usenet and the Internet. She has presented=20
>talks about the history and importance of UNIX and the Internet=20
>both at universities and for the public. Articles she has written=20
>have appeared in the Amateur Computerist, the Linux Journal,=20
>Internet Secrets, README, and other journals and periodicals.