Talk by Alex Wolf on Oct 23, 9.30 - 11.00 (s.t)

Mehdi Jazayeri
Sat, 17 Oct 1998 20:35:08 +0100

(Repeat announcement, with corrected day)

Wide-Area Events: The Problem and A Solution

     Alexander L. Wolf

     University of Colorado, USA
     (joint work with Antonio Carzaniga and David S. Rosenblum)=20

     Friday, Oct 23, 1998, 9.30am s.t.
     Information Systems Institute, Library, Argentinierstra=DFe 8, 3rd=


     An event service is a general-purpose facility that provides for the
observation and notification of events.
     Although local-area event services have been available for many years,
similar services usable in wide-area
     networks, such as the Internet, are only recently being investigated.
In this talk we frame the problem of
     supporting a wide-area event service and then describe Siena, a
research project aimed at developing
     architectures and algorithms for such a service.=20


     Alexander L. Wolf is a faculty member in the Department of Computer
Science at the University of Colorado.
     Previously he was a member of the research technical staff at AT&T
Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, New
     Jersey. Wolf's research interests are in the discovery of principles
and development of technologies to support
     the engineering of large, complex software systems. He has published
papers on software engineering
     environments and tools, software process, software architecture, and
configuration management. He is
     currently serving as Vice Chair of the ACM Special Interest Group in
Software Engineering.=20

     Information Systems Institute, TU Vienna
     Distributed Systems Group
     Argentinierstrasse 8/184-1, A-1040 Vienna=20

     Phone: +43 (1) 58801x18410 (18402 secretary)
     Fax: +43 (1) 505 84 53