Talk by David Rosenblum, Jan 18, 10.00 - 1.30 (s.t.)

Mehdi Jazayeri
Thu, 15 Oct 1998 10:36:51 +0100

Reconciling Software Architecture Models and Software Component Standards

     David S. Rosenblum

     Department of Information and Computer Science
     University of California, Irvine=20

     Monday, Jan 18, 1999, 10.00am s.t.
     Information Systems Institute, Library, Argentinierstra=DFe 8, 3rd=


     For the last few years, software architecture has been an intense
focus of research in academia. Software
     architecture emphasizes modeling and analysis of system level
requirements, and the interconnection of
     components in large-scale software systems. Industry meanwhile has
embraced a number of emerging
     component interoperability standards, such as JavaBeans, ActiveX and
CORBA. Component standards help
     developers deal with the complexity of software component design and
reuse of off-the-shelf components,
     thereby facilitating standardization of components and the creation of
a software component marketplace. To
     date, however, there have been few attempts by industrial users of
component standards to exploit the
     benefits of architectural modeling and analysis, or by the
architecture research community to devise modeling
     and analysis techniques that exploit component standards. In this talk
I will present recent work on
     reconciling these two different but complementary classes of design
technologies. In one project, we are
     enhancing the JavaBeans component standard to support architectural
concerns in the composition of
     components or "beans", including enforcement of architectural style
rules and support for explicit
     architectural connectors. In a second project, we are enhancing the
JavaBeans component standard to support
     instrumentation of beans with automated consistency checks derived
from component specifications in
     architectural models. In a third project, we are creating
architecture-level techniques for modeling the
     constraints that component and middleware infrastructures impose on
architectural models.=20

     Information Systems Institute, TU Vienna
     Distributed Systems Department
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