[Publicity] AEC Summer School - Further information

Tanja Gutenbrunner Tanja.Gutenbrunner at risc.jku.at
Mon Jul 25 14:39:52 CEST 2016

Dear Participant,

we are looking forward to see you soon at our AEC summer school at RISC (Hagenberg).

Below we give you some further important information concerning the lunch/dinner options in
Hagenberg during the week end and concerning the needed equipment to tackle some of the exercises
that will be posed by the lecturers.

1) On Saturday and Sunday it is usually a challenge to find an open restaurant in Hagenberg.
We took care that the Buergerei (item 1 of the map) is open on Saturday and the Schlossrestaurant
(item 10 of the map) is open on Saturday and Sunday; for the map see

2) Some of our lecturers plan to built in exercises that can/should be solved with a computer
algebra (CA) system. So it would be very helpful if you bring your notebook along our the summer school.

Since not all of you might have access to a CA system, we will distribute during the registration
local logins. In this way you can execute the computer algebra system Mathematica on our RISC servers by

* executing Mathematica via ssh (easy from a Linux system; requires a running X server)

* or by logging in using
      - either the X2Go Client (freely available for Linux/Windows/MacOS)
      - or a Remote Desktop Client (shipped with Windows as "Remote Desktop
        Connection", freely available for Linux e.g. as "rdesktop", and for
        MacOS e.g. as "Microsoft Remote Desktop").

So please check if such a remote client is available on your notebook.

Again, we are looking forward to see you in Hagenberg soon.

Best wishes,

Carsten Schneider

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